Life gets in the way of art, or, to put it in another way, reality ruins creativity.

Someone once said to me that a true author, one dedicated to their craft, doesn’t have Writer’s Block – it doesn’t exist – because a true writer would write every day.

I’d like to introduce you to Cephas, the wall that is my Writer’s Block. As soon as I figure out how to insert a photo in my blog posts like I did with the earlier version of WordPress, you’ll see that he’s a wall of pale yellow Cotswold stone that I found on a royalty-free photo site.

In any case, life has thrown death, illness, unemployment and depression at me. I’m just now seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and for once it isn’t a train coming at me.

In three days – the latest of Whyte Rose & Violet, Scribes’ titles will be released as a trade paperback and e-book download: “Ascalon,” the long-awaited sequel to “Armor of Light,” our retelling of the Saint George and the Dragon legend, “Ascalon” will answer many questions, not the least of which is what happens when you’ve slayed the dragon and get the girl? George Ascalon, the Earl of Grasmere, is now the Champion of the Golden Tower; he has vanquished the evil that had taken over Eskeleth, and The Three Challenges that became a trial of mind, body, and faith, prove that George is not the man everyone, including his father, assumes he is. Even so, George encounters greater and more powerful enemies than any he fought in Arkengarthdale and they are close to home. The King of England and Lady Longleate have quarrels with him.

A new battle begins.

The story that began in “Armor of Light” continues.

Writing “Ascalon” took two years with many starts and stops. Once again, I wrote a story during a dark and unhappy time in my life, one that chronicles loss of faith and the courage to reclaim it. As “Armor of Light” was dedicated to my amazing daughter who survived a train accident, “Ascalon” is dedicated to my only brother, Stephen, who died suddenly two years ago. We were two years apart and shared a love of comic books, cinema and fantasy. I think this would have been a book he’d enjoy. We’d certainly have conversations about it.

My heart and energy are back with Whyte Rose & Violet, Scribes and Cephas’ stones are falling away, bit by bit. You can almost hear the fragments and pebbles hit the ground.

More to come.

May your reading take you on interesting and exciting journeys.